ABE Educator Survey 062012

ABE Instructor Survey 062012

Welcome! These survey results will be used by NMHED in creating meaningful professional development activities and resources for local programs. The more you tell us, the better we can serve you. All responses are anonymous.
Thank you for the time you take to participate!
1. Please indicate your region
2. Please select your teaching experience
3. Please indicate the highest level of education completed
4. How many students do you teach per quarter
5. Are your students primarily
6. Describe the context in which you teach
7. is your Adult Education job your
8. Please indicate the years of ABE/GED teaching experience that you have
9. Please indicate the years of teaching ESL in an ABE context
10. What is your native language
11. Please indicate your years of K-12 teaching experience
12. Please indicate your years of Postsecondary teaching experience
13. Please rate the priority of your choices for professional development (1 = top choice)
General Learning Theories (including adult learning theories)
Cultural issues/context curriculum issues
General instructional methods/teaching strategies
Curriculum/lesson planning
Student assessment/intake and orientation (including goal setting)
Best/promising practices/research studies results
Second language teaching strategies/methods
Use of educational technology
Use of student data to inform instruction (includes LACES training)
Student retention/motivation/persistence
El civics/citizenship issues (includes family literacy and ESL)
Workplace literacy and pre-occupational skills
Sharing information with other ABE programs
14. Choose in order of priority the type of professional development that you find most useful
Online workshop/seminar (includes webinars and recorded events)
Site visits to other programs/peer observation
Mentorship/networking with other teachers
Curriculum/materials sharing
Use of educational technology in an instructional setting
Credit-bearing course through higher education
Informal venues (blogs, podcasts, social media, website sources that might address any type of professional development as well as best/promising practices and updates)
ESL/El civics related (includes family literacy)
15. What kind of training would you like to see offered related to NRS issues?
16. In which areas does your program meet the program performance targets very well?
17. In which areas does your program minimally meet program performance targets?
18. Do you have any problems accessing the internet? (Please describe)
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