IPC Questionnaire

1. Athlete Details

All information that you provide in this survey is for use by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) via the Infostrada Sports databases. The information will be used to create an athlete biography to be used for the following purposes:
• Display on the IPC website and relevant IF websites
• Display on the upcoming Paralympic Games official websites (during Games-time)
• Display on the upcoming Paralympic Games intranets for media INFO+
• Provision to interested news agencies

The information will be transferred to the host countries of the upcoming Paralympic Games, which may not be recognised by the EU commission as having data protection legislation of equivalent scope and effect to that which is required within the EU.
The IPC will use its reasonable efforts to ensure that the organising committees will delete all personal data by 31 December of the year of the Paralympic Games.
The IPC and the relevant IF will continue to retain the data and make use of it for as long as you continue competing within the sport.
1. Please fill in the following details
2. What is your gender
3. What is your date of birth
Date of birth
4. What country do you represent and in which sport?
Country you representSport you compete in
Please select from appropriate dropdown
5. Where were you born?
Please select a country then add the city
6. What is your contact email address (for internal use only)
7. What is the nature of your impairment?
8. What was the cause of your impairment?
9. Guide details [for visually impaired athletes only]
10. Standing partner details [for wheelchair dancers only]
11. Who referred you to this Questionnaire?
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