Departmental Grant Application for EPSA Student-Led Initiatives

Eligibility info

EPSA students are eligible to apply for EPSA departmental grants, ranging from $25 to $500, to fund student-led initiatives, which should benefit a minimum of 7 EPSA students per project. The types of initiatives that could qualify are guest lecturer honorariums, social events, film screenings, book talks, local (Tri-State Area) conference entrance fees, entrance fees to cultural organizations and institutions, student group meetings, etc. A limited number of grants are available each year. If approved, you can either provide receipts for reimbursement or have the EPSA Department purchase goods and services on your behalf.
1. Requestor & Contact Name
2. TCID#
3. Requestor & Contact Email Address
4. Student Organization (if applicable):
5. Amount requested:
6. Projected Number of EPSA students to Benefit:
7. Cost Per Person (=Amount requested / Projected Number of EPSA Students):
8. Affiliated Course Number (if applicable):
9. Date(s) of Activity or Event:
10. Please select your EPSA program:
11. Time(s)/Duration of Activity or Event:
12. Please provide a detailed description of the activity for which you are requesting funds:
13. Rationale for activity:
14. Where will the activity be held?
15. If held on-campus at Teachers College, will you need any of the following amenities? Select all that