Excellence in Journalism 2013 - Anaheim

1. Please indicate your involvement in the conference (check all that apply).
2. What prompted you to attend this year's conference?
3. Name the most beneficial session you attended.
4. Name the least beneficial session you attended.
5. What types of programming sessions are the most attractive to you as a potential attendee? (In other words, what kind of training would make you want to come to a conference?)
6. For next year's conference, what programming topics would you like to see offered?
7. Are there any trainers or presenters you would suggest having on the schedule for next year? (Anyone — not just those from EIJ13)
8. For next year's conference, besides high-caliber sessions, what other things can we offer to make your experience worthwhile?
9. How likely are you to attend EIJ14 in Nashville, Tenn.,on a scale of 1 to 10?
1. Will not attend2. Most likely will not attend3. May not attend4. Would like to attend, probably cannot5. Unsure, leaning toward not attending6.Unsure, leaning toward attending7. Would like to attend, probably can8. May attend9. Most likely will attend10. Will attend
10. General comments.
11. If you made it this far, congratulations and thank you. Please leave your email and/or phone number below for a chance to win a complimentary EIJ14 conference registration.
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