Community Survey

Thank you for helping Emily Griffith Technical College improve its delivery of career and technical education by completing this survey. Your input is valuable and appreciated! Please answer each question as best you can. If you don't know, you may leave it blank.
1. What best describes your relationship to the college?
Please rate the following statements from your perspective about Emily Griffith Technical College.
2. The school has low cost enrollment
3. The school is for drop-outs.
4. The school is tuition free for Denver residents.
5. The school offers mostly "shop" type courses.
6. The school grants college credit for courses taken.
7. The school offers "high-tech" courses.
8. The school offers mostly "hobby-type" courses.
9. The school is for lower-income individuals.
10. The school uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.
11. The school is similar to a community college.
12. How did you learn about Emily Griffith Technical College?
13. The greatest need of employees in my company is:
If you have hired Emily Griffith Technical College graduates, please indicate the quality of their training.
14. Graduates had good technical skills.
15. Graduates had good soft skills (dependability, promptness, teamwork, honesty).
16. Graduates resumes were professional.
17. Graduates had good interview skills.
18. Graduates had good reading and writing ability.
19. Graduates had good problem-solving skills.
20. Please select the three most important characteristics in selecting a school to attend or refer people to.
21. Please select the three most apparent shortcomings of Emily Griffith Technical College.
22. Our company/organization usually:
23. Please indicate in which of the following ways Emily Griffith Technical College might assist you in your training.
24. Please indicate what would help you to stay connected to the school. Choose all that apply.
25. My company is currently in need of trained entry-level employees.
26. I would participate in an internship program with Emily Griffith Technical College.
27. Based on your experience, in what areas does Emily Griffith Technical College provide quality education?
28. Based on your experience, in what areas does Emily Griffith Technical College need to improve training?
29. How do you think Emily Griffith Technical College is funded?
30. Please make any other comments not covered in this survey.
31. If you would like to receive notifications of new class offerings or if you have answered a question which might require a response from us, please enter your contact information.
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