EDA Fall Mobile Survey 2013

About The Survey

This survey examines the issues and priorities that you and fellow IT professionals confront as your user community begins using mobile devices for work.

If you complete the survey, you will be entered to win one of the $50 Amazon Gift Certificates we're giving away for each 100 responses.

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1. Please estimate the percentage of people using the following devices in your organization CURRENTLY and by the end 2013. (Please select a percentage for all the devices in your organization. Your total will likely exceed 100% because people have multiple devices.)
Percentage Using TODAYPercentage Using By End Of 2013
Windows 7 or earlier
Windows 8 desktop or notebook
Linux Desktop
Thin Client
Samsung Smart Phone
Other Android Phone
Blackberry 10
Blackberry Classic
Windows Mobile Phone
Other Smartphone
Samsung Tablet
Other Android Tablet
Windows 8 Tablet - Intel or RT Tablet - ARM
Other Tablet
2. Thinking of the Macs, Windows and Linux non-server systems in your organization, please estimate what percentage are laptops. (We'll assume that all others are desktops.)
Percentage of Laptops
3. By your estimation, what percentage of time is spent working remotely?
Laptops used remotely
Time working remotely
4. Many organizations allow their employees to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for work and IT provides them access to company resources. Thinking of the people who already have at least one of these devices, what portion of them are BYOD?
Macintosh desktops or laptops
Windows desktops or laptops
Samsung Smart Phones
Other Android Phones
Blackberries, either Classic or BB10
Samsung Tablets
Other Android Tablets
Windows Tablets
Other Tablets
5. Some organizations are considering COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled) as an alternative to BYOD. What are your organization's plans relative to COPE?
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