Discover UWF! Registration Fall 2012

Thank you for registering for Discover UWF! Please complete this form as completely as possible. It only takes a minute or two.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
1. Please complete your contact information.
2. Which Discover UWF! Program would you like to attend?
3. How many guests wil be joining you? (Example: Mom, Dad and little sister = 3. Please complete a separate form for each potential future UWF Student.)
4. What first name would you prefer to have on your name tag?
5. What high school do you currently attend?
6. What is your expected graduation year? (June 6, 2013 would be 2013)
7. What is your major or program of interest? If you are unsure, please list Undecided.
8. What term do you plan to attend?
9. Have you applied to the University of West Florida?
10. If you would you like to include a parent's or other secondary email address to send a copy of the reminder email to, please list below.
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