CouponTrade 2013 Survey

1. How frequently do you use CouponTrade to find coupons and deals?
2. Have you ever shopped online using a coupon?
3. What types of coupons do you prefer to use? 1 is Most Important and 6 is Least Important
Free shipping
Percent or cash off entire purchase
Percent or cash off select product
Free gift with purchase
Buy one get one free
Printable coupon
4. What elements are you most concerned with when making an online purchase? Check all that apply.
5. On a scale of "Definitely Disagree" to "Definitely Agree" please rate your opinions of the following statements:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly AgreeN/A
I prefer to shop in-stores.
I prefer to shop online.
I only shop at big name brands like Target, Macy’s and The Home Depot.
I will shop at lesser known brands as long as they have great discounts.
I always look for reviews on a product before making a purchase.
I tend to make purchases without asking for others' opinions.
6. Which of the following categories appeal to you? Check all that apply.
7. When shopping online, what is the average order size of your purchase?
8. What is your gender?
9. What is your age range group?
10. What are some of your favorite brands and products?
11. Do you have any suggestions to help improve CouponTrade?
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