NH State House Watch 2014

1. In 2014, how often did you read State House Watch?
2. What type of information did you find most useful? (Check all that apply.)
3. How was the length of the newsletter?
4. Did you ever click on links? If so, which ones?
5. How did you find the level of detail?
6. How often did you forward “State House Watch” to others? (Use box to indicate to how many people you typically forwarded it.)
7. Did you ever read “State House Watch” on our web page?
8. After the fourth issue this year we switched to new software for creating and sending the newsletter. Please comment on the new look.
9. Do you rely on other sources of State House information? If so, which ones?
10. If you answered “yes” to the question above, how would you compare those other sources to "State House Watch"?
11. Did you ever listen to our "State House Watch" radio show on WNHN-FM? If you did, how often?

12. Did you ever take action based on information you received from the newsletter or the radio show? If yes, please tell us what action you took. If not, please tell us why not.
13. Do you follow American Friends Service Committee NH Program on Facebook?
14. If you do follow us on Facebook, how would you describe our reminders about the newsletter and the radio show?
15. What suggestions do you have to improve the State House Watch newsletter and radio show for next year? Feel free to include or omit your name.
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