GSCNC Sleepaway Camp Financial Aid Request

This is the Financial Aid Request Form for Sleep Away Camp. If you are looking for information on Day and Evening Camp Financial Assistance, please go here

The Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital offers financial assistance to make camp available to all girls in grades K-12.

If more than one family member is requesting financial assistance, you must complete this web form for each camper.

To allow as many campers as possible to attend camp, financial assistance is available for only ONE camp session per camper per summer.

Financial aid is granted for camp programs only. Bus transportation is not covered and must be paid for by the camper's family if the bus option is chosen.

If assistance is granted, it will be posted directly to your camper's account. You must pay the balance due (if any) by the payment deadline.
What grade is your camper in? (Current 2013-2014 school year)
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What is the name of the camp program your camper is registered for? (Please only choose a single program)
Camp Potomac WoodsCamp May FlatherCamp WinonaCamp Coles Trip
Camp Program
Please remember that we want to be able to offer financial assistance to as many girls as possible so only request what your family truly needs. In addition to the $50 deposit, this is the amount that my family can pay:
Please explain reason for need.
Notification is made via email. Please provide an email address that you check frequently and is set to receive email from

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Best day time phone number in case we have questions regarding your request