2013 Physician CME Saint Alphonsus Ski & Mountain Trauma Conference

1. Name:
2. As a result of this conference, I have new and /or improved knowledge regarding appropriate
care of trauma/accident victims in remote or winter recreation locations from the field into the Emergency Room.
3. I will be able to use the content presented in this conference in my work.
4. The individual sessions related to the overall purpose/goals of the conference.
5. Communication regarding the conference was informative and timely.
6. The website registration process was easy to use.
7. The conference was well organized.
8. Which sessions did you like most?
9. Which sessions did you like least?
10. Suggestions for Improvement:
11. Please rate each speaker for the following sessions. Circle the appropriate response.
Used Appropriate Teaching MethodsDemonstrated Expertise In Content Area
If I Could Redesign Your EMS System
Trauma Case Reviews
A New ACLS Approach for EMS Providers
Pediatric Trauma
Backboards – Lifesaving or Medieval Torture Device
Living in the Land of Lilliput
Trauma & the Elderly
Aging Gracefully in EMS
Mountain Tales
Mass Casualties- An Exercise in Planning
Field Orthopedics
Managing Wounds in the Wilderness
Electrifying Experiences – Traumatic Encounters with Lightning
Ten Essential Systems of Survival
Creative Splinting
Improvised Traction Splinting
Litters & Evacuation Workshop
Dislocation Management
High Angle Rescue Demonstrations
Avalanche Rescue & Survival
Improvised Transport of the OB Patient Sim
Lower Extremity Injury Sim
Multi-System Trauma Sim
Head Injury Sim
Pediatric Abdominal Injury Sim
Pediatric Multi-System Trauma Sim
Pediatric Assessment & Treatment Post-MVA Sim
Spinal Cord Injury Sim
OB & Neonate Trauma Sim
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