Antigua Sailing Week Multihull Rating Form

Please complete this form by answering all questions in order for a multihull rating to be assigned to you.
1. Boat Name
2. Owner Name
3. Email Address
4. Phone Number
5. Year of Build
6. Manufacturer
7. Design
8. Overall Length
9. Water Line Length
10. Beam Overall
11. Sail Area Largest Jib
12. Sail Area Main Sail
13. Sail Area Largest Spinnaker
14. Sail Area Largest Screacher
15. Weight of Boat from Factory
16. Weight of Added Equipment
17. Weight of Crew
18. Propellor(s)
19. Daggerboards or Keel?
20. Draft with Daggerboards:
21. Draft with Keel
22. Mast Type - Tick box if you have any of the following
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