2014–15 Women & Philanthropy Voting Ballot

Voting Instructions

After reviewing all of the program descriptions, please rank them in order of preference. For example, if Uniting STEM Disciplines Through Algae Biofuels is your favorite program in category A, rank it 1. If Ensuring High-Quality Colonoscopy is your second favorite, rank it 2 and so on.

Please rank each of the proposals in category A using the numbers 1 through 3, with 1 being the highest priority. Then, rank category B in the same manner using the numbers 1 through 7*. It is important to rank all programs, using each ranking number only once.

Note: When you vote for your first choice, choose the number 1 from the appropriate dropdown box. That choice will automatically be placed at the top of the list. When you vote for your second choice, that will be placed second, and so on.

Category A — $100,000 Level (Rank 1–3)
Life in Motion: Exploring Biomimicry-based Mobility Solutions for People with Visual and Mobility Impairments
Uniting STEM Disciplines Through Algae Biofuels
Ensuring High-Quality Colonoscopy
Category B — Varying Amounts (Rank 1–7)
Bridging Success Early-Start for Former Foster Youth Entering ASU
A “Living” Crime Scene: Proposal for an Interactive and Dynamic Crime Scene Laboratory
MAGIC in Motion
Development of Next Generation Therapeutics to Combat Alzheimer’s Dementia and Neurodegenerative Disorders
Optimized Prenatal Supplement for Preventing Autism
Scholarships for Needy Students to Pursue Research in Mathematics and Statistics
S.H.O.W. Prevention, Programming and Information Protection

*Please vote to rank the value and quality of the program, not the amount of funding it requires. After the votes are submitted, the investment committee will allocate an amount to each program based on voting results, program needs and total funds available.

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