CCMH Home Medical Resources Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Your feedback provides us with valuable information to ensure we provide excellent service to your customers. Please use this short survey to share your experiences.

NOTE: select your answer based on your most recent experience at CCMH HMR.
1. I received the following service from HMR [i.e. oxygen, medical equipment, bi-pap, etc.]
2. Select the answer that best reflects your experience.
AlwaysUsuallyRarelyNeverNot Answered
HMR staff assisted me with my home medical equipment needs.
HMR staff actively worked to problem solve when I had difficulties with purchasing equipment or with servicing equipment.
HMR staff treated me with courtesy and respect.
HMR staff provided timely service.
HMR staff communicated with me in a professional manner.
3. I would recommend CCMH HMR to family and friends for home medical equipment needs.
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