CCAB Nomination Form

Before You Begin



To: Members of the Episcopal Church

From: Gregory Straub, Secretary of the House of Deputies

Re: Nominations for Appointment to Committees and Commissions

The General Convention Office is soliciting nominations for appointment to committees and commissions of the General Convention, and committees of the Executive Council. Appointments will be made by the President of the House of Deputies after General Convention.

Membership on Standing Commissions and Committees of Executive Council is open to all members of The Episcopal Church, while membership on Joint Standing Committees is open only to deputies to the 77th General Convention. The length of a term of appointment depends on the committee or commission, and whether or not an appointment is for a full term or a partially-filled term.

Please take special note that committees and commissions often work electronically through web conferencing, teleconferencing, and online sharing of documents; face-to-face meetings are infrequent. Access to and the ability to use a computer are essential prerequisites for consideration.

Before beginning to fill out this nomination form, you are also strongly advised to review mandates of committees and commissions found on the General Convention website:

If you have further questions about nominations, please send them to the General Convention Office at