South San Francisco Downtown Plan Survey

What will tomorrow look like?

1. How important are the following issues to you?
Very Important Somewhat Important Not So Important Not at All ImportantDon't Know
Transit Service
Pedestrian Environment
Bicycle Access & Parking
Building Condition & Character
Available Uses & Services
Public Open Space
2. What other neighborhoods and downtowns do you like? Please choose the one you think is the best model for your neighborhood.
3. Please rate the importance of the following possible improvements:
Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot So ImportantNot at All ImportantDon't Know
Improved access to Caltrain station
Improved street crossings
Additional parking
Street lighting
Bike lanes
More outdoor seating
More street trees
Litter control
Attract more/new businesses
4. What are other opportunities to improve the area that should be considered?
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