Bagg's Square Survey

Bagg's Square Survey

The Bagg’s Square area of Utica is seeing a lot of activity and development. New businesses are opening (Utica Roasting Company, Bagg’s Square Cafe, Gerber’s 1933 Tavern, The Tailor & the Cook, etc.), loft apartments are being built and a hub of entrepreneurship is emerging (The MVCC thINCubator and

For your reference in this survey, the Bagg's Square neighborhood includes:

Bagg's Square East (Bagg's Square Café on Broad Street area to the Train Station area)
Bagg's Square West (Utica Coffee Roasting area to the Utica Auditorium area)

We will be using feedback from this survey to develop a branding campaign for the neighborhood, giving it a strong identity and marketing materials for visitors, developers and locals.

The survey will remain anonymous unless you choose to give us us your name and email address at the end. In which case you’ll receive updates on the neighborhood’s activities and development.

We appreciate the time you take to complete this... and we’ll see you soon in Bagg’s Square!
1. What is your gender?
2. What is your hometown?
3. What is your age?
4. Before this survey, where would you say the Bagg’s Square neighborhood of Utica was?
5. How many times per month do you travel "through" Bagg's Square East?
Bagg's Square Café to the Train Station/Children's Museum area)
6. How many times per month do you travel "through" Bagg's Square West?
(Utica Coffee Roasting to Utica Auditorium)
7. How many times per month do you stop/shop/visit Bagg's Square East?
8. How many times per month do you stop/shop/visit Bagg's Square West?
9. For what reason/s do you stop/shop/visit Bagg's Square East or West?
10. Are there specific buildings, businesses or venues that you go to?
11. Do you think it is easy to find your way to and around Bagg’s Square?
12. How would you give someone directions to Bagg’s Square?
13. How appealing is the Bagg’s Square area to you?
14. Do you use the descriptors “Bagg’s Square West” and “Bagg’s Square East”?
15. Do you know about the history of Bagg’s Square? If so, please share:
16. Please rank the following aspects of the neighborhood:
Very PoorPoorNo OpinionGoodVery Good
Overall Condition/Appearance
Importance to the City (as the main entryway, historic relevance, etc.)
17. Would you consider living in Bagg’s Square?
18. Why or why not?
19. What do you think Bagg’s Square is missing?
20. What would you like to see in the area that might bring you to Bagg’s Square more often?
21. Are there any unique experiences, memories or advice you’d like to share about Bagg’s Square?
22. Do you use/have/do the following on a regular basis (please check all that apply):
23. What is your estimated family income?
24. Additional Comments:
25. (Optional) If you provide your email address, we will put you on the Bagg's Square email list so that you will receive updates on the neighborhood's progress and activities.
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