I'd really like to learn more about ...

Just a few questions that will help us create great programming for adults at the Fond du Lac Public Library
1. What one topic would you like to learn more about?
2. I'd like programs at the library that ... (rank in order of preference)
First choiceSecond choiceThird choiceFourth choice
Teach a subject or skill
Entertain me (music, movies, art)
Let me share ideas with others
Let me create/craft/build something
3. I would be interested in attending programs on ...
4. I can attend programs when they're held ... (check all that apply)
5. What is your gender?
6. What is your age?
7. Would you be willing to join a FDL Library sounding board (occasional get-togethers)? Please enter your email address; it will not be shared beyond the library.
Thank you! We appreciate your feedback
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