WRCC Survey

1. How often do you visit the WRCC website?
(check all that apply)
2. What do you use the WRCC website for?
(check all that apply)
3. Do you use the WRCC website at specific times during a month or the year?
(check all that apply)
4. Do you download numerical data from the WRCC website?
(check all that apply)
5. How often are you able to find the data and information you need on the WRCC website?
neverrarelysometimesmost of the timealways
6. If you don't find the data or information you are looking for, are you more likely to:
7. What data or information from the website do you use the most?
8. What information, data, or capability could we add to the website to make it more useful to you?
9. Please select your highest education level
10. What employment sector do you work in the most?
(check all that apply)
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