Shared Path Construction

Council is looking for your preference of Asphalt and Concrete shared paths. Boroondara's current path construction standard is an asphalt path with concrete edging.
The concrete edging provides extra stability, prevents the asphalt edge from crumbling, and gives a visual contrast between the path and the grass.
Asphalt has a cheaper construction cost vs concrete, however in recent years, the difference in cost has narrowed.
Gardiners Creek Trail in Markham Reserve
Image as described above
Aside from all the engineering specs and standards, we're interested in knowing what our regular users think.
Do you have a preference?
1. Please rate which material you think provides the best option for these path qualities:
Daytime Visibility
Nightime Visibility (both the paths & path users)
2. As the paths age, which material retains these qualities better?
General surface quality (bumps, cracks, joins, tree roots, etc)
Traction (smoothness/roughness)
3. Give a preference on paved path surfaces
Strongly prefer ConcreteNeutralStrongly prefer Asphalt
4. Any further comments?
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