Stow Community Survey 2013

1. Are you aware that the City of Stow, the City of Munroe Falls and SMF School district are unrelated as government entities and have different funding sources?
2. Do you have at least one child in the Stow Munroe Falls School System?
3. Out of the following, what do you perceive is the most dangerous threat to children, teachers, staff and visitors at Stow Munroe Falls Schools and Public buildings?
4. Do you believe security in the Stow Munroe Falls School system is:
5. Do you believe the Stow Munroe Falls School System should Improve Security?
6. If Law Enforcement is deployed within the Stow Munroe Falls School System, should they be used at:
7. Do you believe Law Enforcement would be beneficial at all public buildings including the school system, Stow and Munroe Falls City Hall buildings, the Library, etc. ?
8. If you believe increased security is needed throughout the Stow Munroe Falls School System, how should additional security be paid for?
9. Do you believe it is necessary to use additional funding to provide adequate security in the SMF School System?
10. Do you believe it is necessary to use additional funding at other public buildings in the Cities of Stow and Munroe Falls?
11. If you believe new and additional funding is necessary throughout the SMF School System, would you support additional tax revenue to fund increased security?
12. If you support new increased tax revenue through the SMF School system, would you support:
13. Would you support a cooperative agreement between the cities of Stow and Munroe Falls combining Law Enforcement in order to provide security for the SMF School district and all Government buildings in both cities?
14. Is Local Government best suited to address safety in schools and other public buildings?
15. In what SMF school district community do you reside?
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