SB Bicycle Coalition's Bike Route 'Fix-It' Survey

The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBC) is working to identify bicycle infrastructure problems in the county. Information obtained from this survey will be used in offering feedback for updating Bicycle Master Plans. Survey results will also help SBBC focus its advocacy efforts. Your input will help us make change.

The Bicycle Coalition is a countywide advocacy and resource organization that promotes bicycling for safe transportation and recreation.

Please Identify problems with infrastructure that you experience while cycling by answering the following seven questions. The survey should take about a minute to complete.

After finishing the survey, if you have more than one area of concern or suggestion, please take the survey again for each issue.

1. Briefly describe the location where this unsafe condition exists. If it is a section of road, write the road name and the two intersections it is between. One location per survey. (If you have more than one location, please take the survey again for that location)
2. What type of infrastructure problem is this?
3. In what community does this condition exist? (If it spans multiple communities, check all that apply.)
4. Does this condition cause you to: (check all that apply)
5. What type of riding do you do?
6. Which of the following best describes how frequently you ride?
7. What is your age?
8. Do you see a clear way to remedy this problem?
9. If you have more than one area of concern or suggestion, please take the survey again for each issue. After pressing "Done", you will be directed back to the survey in case you want to take it again.

If you would like to be entered into the drawing to win a prize, enter your name and email address below so that we may contact you.

Thank you for your time!

If you are interested in learning more about the Santa Barbara Bike Coalition or joining, visit
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