B2C Commerce Survey 2014

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1. Select a classification that best describes your organization:
2. Select a classification that best describes your role
3. Select the region(s) in which your organization does commerce:
4. How many languages does your site operate in?
5. What is your company’s annual revenue?
6. How many sites (branded sites, country sites, content sites) does your organization have?
7. Through what channels and methods are you driving business? [select all that apply]
8. What is the APPROXIMATE revenue percentage breakdown by channel of your overall business?
0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%I don't know
Physical stores
Web site
Mobile site / app
9. What are the TOP 3 ways your business measures success? [select 3]
10. Generally, how did your 2013 online metrics differ from 2012?
LowerSameHigherI don't know
Site conversion rate
Average order value
Shopping cart abandonment
SEO traffic (natural search)
SEM traffic (paid search)
Mobile traffic
Tablet traffic
Mobile commerce
Social media traffic
Overall revenue
11. What would you say was your organization's TOP initiative during 2013? [select 1]
12. How would you classify the state of the cross-channel customer experience at your organization?
13. What technologies has your organization ALREADY invested in over the last year? [select all that apply]
14. What digital technologies is your organization PLANNING to invest in over the coming year? [select all that apply]
15. What NEW digital features or capabilities will your organization be investing in during 2014? [select all the apply]
16. If you are planning to invest in rich digital content in 2014, why? [select all that apply]
17. How would you classify the state of mobile at your organization? [select 1]
18. When it comes to mobile, what is the PRIMARY activity your customers are doing? [select 1]
19. How would you classify the state of social commerce / social shopping at your organization? [select 1]
20. What are the TOP 3 threats to online success at your organization? [select 3]
21. If you believe the "Amazon effect" impacts your business, how? [select all that apply]
22. When preparing for holiday success, what TOP 3 customer-facing items does your organization focus on to stay competitive? [select 3]
23. Is your organization planning to invest in, or move any technology / infrastructure to the cloud in 2014?
24. When it comes to PERSONALIZATION (i.e.: product recommendations, targeted offers, tailored content, specialized experiences), what delivery method(s) does your organization use? [select all that apply]
25. When it comes to MERCHANDISING, what delivery method(s) does your organization use? [select all that apply]
26. To receive a copy of the survey results and be alerted if you win the $100 Amazon Gift Card, please provide your information (anonymous and confidential).
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