B2B Commerce Survey 2014

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1. Select a classification that best describes your B2B Commerce organization:
2. Select a classification that best describes your role
3. Select the main region in which you support your organization’s commerce activities
4. How many languages do you do business in?
5. How many brands / websites do you support online?
6. What is your company’s annual revenue?
7. What percentage of your business comes from the online channel (outside of EDI)?
8. How much has your online business grown in the past 24 months?
9. How much do you see your online business growing in the next 12 months?
10. What business model(s) does your company use? [select all that apply]
11. In the past 12 months, have you seen customer expectations change because of consumer / B2C retail experiences (online and offline)?
12. What tools / capabilities do your online buyers absolutely need in order to get done what they need on your site? [select all that apply]
13. What B2C-like practices that your organization currently uses influence revenue the most? [select 3]
14. Which channel influences / drives most of your revenue?
15. Is channel conflict (ie cannibalization of direct sales by online) a concern?
16. What technologies have you ALREADY invested in over the last 18 months? [select all that apply]
17. If you had to pick ONE area, where DID you most focus your efforts in 2013? [select 1]
18. Where are the TOP 3 areas you WILL you focus in the coming 12 months? [select 3]
19. What are the 3 most important areas of focus for measuring success of your online business? [select 3]
20. Where have you seen the most improvement in the last 12 months? [select 1]
21. Which of the following complexities in your business are you currently addressing? [select all that apply]
22. How would you classify the state of Mobile Commerce at your organization? [select 1]
23. How would you classify the state of Social Commerce at your organization? [select 1]
24. How would you classify the state of digital / cross-channel customer experience initiative at your organization? [select 1]
25. To receive a copy of the survey results and be alerted if you win the $100 Amazon Gift Card, please provide your information (anonymous and confidential).
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