Program Evaluation - Art

Information on this questionnaire is to be provided at the end of the internship (AED455) by students who majored in studio art and completed the art endorsement program.

Please assess your preparation to meet the following goals of the art education program.
1. To articulate an understanding of developmental characteristics and needs of young adolescents and young adults
2. To create, modify and assess appropriate curricula to meet cognitive, affective and psycho motor learning objectives in the following content areas
Well PreparedAdequately PreparedInadequately PreparedUnpreparedN/A
Art Education
3. To express sensitivity to the individual needs of students characterized by
Well PreparedAdequately PreparedInadequately PreparedUnpreparedN/A
Ethnic and racial diversity
Socio-economic level
Religious traditions and beliefs
Physical and mental exceptionalities
4. To communicate a comprehensive background and appreciation for the historical, social, cultural and political influences on the changing profession of education
5. To interact effectively with
Well PreparedAdequately PreparedInadequately PreparedUnpreparedN/A
Teachers and other school personnel
6. To demonstrate effective instructional practices in clinical settings as the result of
Well PreparedAdequately PreparedInadequately PreparedUnpreparedN/A
Pre-internship field experiences
Student teaching
7. In the appropriate columns, rate how prepared you believe yourself to be to teach your subject area concentrations based on your major/minor coursework at Oakland University or elsewhere. If content coursework was taken at institutions other than OU, please provide ratings for those institutions using the last 4 columns below.
MajorMinorOU-Well PreparedOU-Adequately PreparedOU-Inadequately PreparedOU-UnpreparedOther-Well PreparedOther-Adequately PreparedOther-Inadequately PreparedOther-UnpreparedN/A
Fine Arts
8. How did the art education (professional) portion of your program compare with the liberal arts (non-professional) portion of your program?
9. How would you rate the quality of the following services that are designed to support your program?
SEHS print materials collection for students
SEHS print materials collection for teachers
SEHS audio-visual software and equipment
Kresge Library journals and book collection
SEHS computer laboratory
SEHS Advising about program requirements
SEHS Advising about certification requirements
School and Field Services
CAS Advising about major/minor requirements
Career Services
10. How well prepared do you feel in the following areas?
Computer technology
Audio-visual technology
11. In general, how do you rate the quality of instruction by?
Full-time faculty
Part-time faculty
12. How would you describe Oakland's art teacher education program to others?
13. What do you consider to be the strengths of the art teacher education program?
14. What do you consider to be the weaknesses of the art teacher education program?
15. What is the code you received from your supervisor? The code will begin with OUART (e.g. OUART123)
16. Term/Year
17. Graduate Status
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