Volunteer Application for AFSP Illinois

1. Basic Information

1. Full Name and Contact Information:
2. How did you hear about the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention?
(Check all that apply)
3. Are you on twitter? If so, what is your twitter handle?
AFSP is on twitter @AFSPIL (https://www.twitter.com/AFSPIL) and @AFSPChicago (https://www.twitter.com/AFSPChicago). Our other 17 Walks in Illinois also have Twitter Accounts. Please take a moment to follow us.
4. Are you on Facebook? If so, have you "friended" the chapter?
The Chapter is at: https://www.facebook.com/AFSP.IL
5. Have you "liked" the chapter's community page on Facebook?
AFSP Illinois' Community Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Foundation-for-Suicide-Prevention-Illinois-Chapter/
6. Why would you like to volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Illinois Chapter?
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