Artisans Center of Virginia Community & ArtisanTrail Network Survey

Craft Artisan, Craft Related Venue or Agri-Artisan Information

Please complete all the fields you possibly can. Although not all items in this survey are required, every field that you can complete is very helpful for creating a baseline of information for measuring the success of the program over time, substantiating grant requirements that underwrite programs, and to determine future educational and business assistance programming based on your needs. All information will remain confidential and only be used for the purpose of supporting the needs of this study.
1. Basic Information
2. Mailing address if different from above
3. In what county/city does your business reside?
4. If applicable, what is your website URL?
5. What is your age?
6. What is your entrepreneurial development status?
7. What are the days and hours of operation of your business?(Please select all that apply)
8. Type of business
9. Craft Media (Please select all that apply, even if you are an Agri-Artisan business producing a craft item as a secondary product or hobby).
10. Agricultural Products (Please select all that apply)
11. What type of items do you produce? (Please select all that apply)
12. What attractions or activites do you offer at your location ? (Please select all that apply)
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