Website Redesign

Please take a few minutes to answer questions regarding the new website for the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Your feedback is appreciated.

1. Did you find the website easy to navigate?
2. How easy was it to find information?
Didn't Find ItVery DifficultDifficultModerateEasyVery Easy
3. What information would you like to see added?
4. In comparison to the old website, how would rate the following items on the new website?
Ease of UseNavigationVisual DesignContent
About the Same
5. Does the website positively reflect the high level of professionalism and credibility of the AAPCC and poison centers?
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Poison Centers
6. The layout of the homepage is attractive and makes sense.
7. The navigation and menus on the homepage are organized and understandable.
8. Please rate your overall impression of the website.
Poor FairAvergeGoodExcellent
Thank You!
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