2013 Membership Survery

1. What is your name, email, phone number? (This helps keep our membership information up to date.)
2. What is your current field of pharmacy practice?
3. Which associations are you a member of?
4. What are your priorities for joining and continuing membership in professional organizations?
5. If you are a member of more than 2 associations, please indicate
what would help maintain continued membership in SVPhA/Local CPhA Chapter?

If you are no longer a member of SVPhA/Local CPhA Chapter, what elements would make you
reconsider renewal of membership?
6. How often do you feel a local professional organization should contact you about upcoming events?
7. How useful is Sacramento Valley Pharmacists Association/Local CPhA Chapter?
8. What fun, social, or otherwise aspect do you feel SVPhA/Local CPhA Chapter can add or improve VALUE of the membership (less than $400 per year)?
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