2013-14 Barons Ice Girl Application

1. Personal Information
2. In what year were you born? (enter 4-digit birth year; for example, 1976)
3. Are you 18 years of age or older?
4. College / University
5. Expected Graduation Date
6. Currently Enrolled?
7. What sports/activities are you currently involved?
8. Where did you graduate from high school?
9. What sports/activites were you involved with?
10. Current employment level
11. Who is your employer?
12. Description of job duties
13. Are you currentlyl involved with any community outreach programs?
14. If yes, when and where?
15. Do you have any ice skating experience? (skating experience is not required)
16. If yes, when and where?
17. Have you ever been a member of a professional cheer/interactive team or ice girl squad?
18. If yes, when and where?
19. Why do you want to be a Barons Ice Girl?
20. What experience/skills do you have that would be beneficial to being a Barons Ice Girl?
21. What are some of your hobbies or interests?
22. What is your favorite thing about the sport of ice hockey?
23. What three words best describe you?
24. What unique things do you think you can bring to the Barons Ice Girls?
25. Are you involved with social media? (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
26. If yes, please list you Twitter handle, Facebook page or website(s) you are involved with.
27. Please list one of two professional references
28. Please list your second of two professional references
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