Facilities Survey

Facilities Management Services

1. Is this your first time to the Facilities website?
2. What time of services are you seeking?
3. How did you contact our customer service?
4. If you contacted customer service by web, Email or fax, how long did it take to get a response?
5. If you called on the phone, how quickly did you get through?
6. Was your customer service representive:
7. What type of service did you request?
8. Which building or location did you request service(s)?
9. While on site, did our service representative (Select all that apply)
10. Did our facilities service representative perform the request to your satisfaction
11. Did the facilities service representative leave the work site clean?
12. How long did it take to resolve your service request?
13. Overall, how satisfied are you with the service experience with Facilities Management Services Division
14. If you have additional comments or feedback about our services, please tell us.
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