CollegeNow Conference 2014 - Participant Evaluation

Thank you for participating and providing feedback on the conference! We value your input. While we hope for kudos, we appreciate your critical insight. Your feedback helps us improve the professional development and resources we offer for you and your concurrent enrollment colleagues. Your evaluation form is kept anonymous.

Please describe your impressions of the morning breakout session. If you did not attend one, please skip to the next page.
1. Which breakout session did you attend in the morning?
Morning Workshop
2. How useful to you was the information shared in your morning breakout session?
3. Please rate the following...
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeNot Applicable
I have a better understanding of college-level expectations.
I learned some new ideas and developments.
I benefited from contact with colleagues in other high schools & with TC3’s CollegeNow liaison(s) and staff.
4. How much have your skills or knowledge improved because of this breakout session?
5. Do you have other comments about this session, including explanations of your answers above or suggestions for future workshops related to this topic or discipline?