University Honors Program Transfer Student Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the University Honors Program! Please complete this online application in addition to the steps detailed on our website (
1. Please provide the following contact information
2. Which UC college are you planning to enroll in?
3. What is your major?
4. Successful applicants will have two full academic years remaining at UC after spring semester 2014. What year are you?
5. What is your current cumulative university GPA? Please do not round up. This will be verified.
6. All admitted students are required to enroll in the one credit hour Gateway to University Honors course (HNRS1010) in spring semester 2014. The course will begin in late-February. Two sections will be offered - you must be able to enroll in one of these class sections:

Section 001 - Wednesdays 3:35-5:45pm
Section 002 - Thursday 3:35-5:45pm

Both sections will begin meeting the week of Feb. 24 and continue through the end of the semester. The UHP will give admitted students add slips to enroll.

Gateway to University Honors (HNRS1010) does NOT carry a fee. If the student is taking the maximum number of credit hours (18) as a full-time student, s/he can still enroll in the class without being charged additional tuition fees. Students must receive authorization from their college academic advisor to register for the 19th credit hour.

Will you be able to fit one of the above sections of HNRS1010 into your 14SS class schedule?
7. Based on your knowledge of University Honors, why do you want to become a member of the program? Provide specific reasons.
8. Within the next year, what is one thing you are planning to accomplish, achieve or become engaged in? Why? Describe.
9. Your are submitting your resume as a part of this process. What do you want us to learn about your values, interests and passions based on what is included in your resume? Then, reflect on an experience (or connected experiences) that is included in your resume and explain its significance to your personal development.
By submitting this application you give permission to the University Honors Program to review your University of Cincinnati academic record. Review of your academic record will be for the sole purpose of verifying eligibility and suitability for the University Honors Program.

In addition to completion of this online application, please be sure that you have completed the other steps detailed on our website (

Contact the University Honors Program at (513) 556-6254 or for more information.
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