Rosacea and Public Awareness

Please fill out the following survey to help determine the public awareness of rosacea. Results will appear in the National Rosacea Society's newsletter, Rosacea Review, and in the Weblog of
1. Had you ever heard of rosacea prior to receiving your diagnosis?
2. How much did you know about the symptoms of rosacea prior to your diagnosis?
3. How much did you know about the treatment of rosacea prior to your diagnosis?
4. Since your diagnosis, have you discussed your condition with others?
5. If you answered Yes to Question 4: How many people with whom you have discussed your rosacea were aware of the disorder prior to your conversation?
6. If you answered No to Question 4: What reasons do you have for not discussing your condition with others? (Check all that apply.)
7. How long has it been since you were diagnosed?
8. Are you:
9. Are you:
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