Logger's new URL/Name

I'm planning to re-brand Logger to help make it easier for people to find and more marketable in general. The current version of Logger can be found here: https://github.com/tmuth/Logger---A-PL-SQL-Logging-Utility.

Please note that this re-branding initiative will not affect it's current open source license or its internal code naming structure (i.e. "logger").

I appreciate your time in answering these questions about the re-branding effort.

- Martin
1. Which name/URL do you prefer for new branding of Logger? Note: For "other" suggestion please don't include any names that involve trademarked names such as Oracle and PL/SQL.
2. If any, what feature/update would you like to see added to Logger?
3. Logger is an open source tool which is currently developed on personal time. To continue to consistently update this product we're looking at various sources of funding. Would you / your company be interested in sponsoring the project? (Note: this is just to get an idea to see who/how much funding we can get, not a commitment).
4. If you are interested in joining the Logger email list, please provide your email below.
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