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Have your Say - creating a Voice for Young People

South Hams District & West Devon Borough Councils are committed to improving how we communicate with - young people and want to ensure that our new websites are able to address the specific needs identified by young people. We want to improve how you find out about our services especially for those of you who may feel isolated in a small rural village. We also want to provide useful information about the opportunities and support that is available to you, that you might not have known about.

Please can you complete this survey “Have your Say” to help us provide what you want.

Thank you

Data Protection – how we use your information
This information will be used to inform the delivery of council services and plans to ensure that we deliver fair services to all our customers. The information will be held securely at all times, and will be used only by the Council.
1. Where is your nearest town?
2. How do you want to tell the Council about improving your services, or comment on facilities and activities in your area? (Please tick your favourite 3):
Text Messages
Interactive Website
On–line forums
3. What do you want the council to tell you about? (Please tick all that apply)
4. Would you like to be involved in designing the Website and/or Facebook?
5. Do you have a suggestion for a Youth Website name? If so, please put it in the box below:
6. Would you like an event organised by young people for young people to discuss issues, opportunities, concerns, barriers, topics of your choice etc?
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