Jury Service Exit Questionnaire


Thank you for choosing to participate in our Jury Service Exit Questionnaire. This survey has been developed to assess certain aspects of your recent experience as a Juror for the Circuit Court of Lake County, Illinois. Your answers to these items will help us to improve jury service experience in Lake County.

Each of the following sections of this survey concerns specific aspects of jurors' experiences:

A) Your Jury Service
B) Courthouse Facilities & Juror Services
C) Jury Assembly Room Personnel & Accommodations
D) Judge, Courtroom Staff and Accommodations
E) Final Impressions

You are also invited to provide any additional comments to each section.

This survey should take only about 10 minutes of your time. We encourage direct, honest and productive feedback. All responses are anonymous and will be kept confidential. This website will identify you only by a random ID number.

As is our policy, we do not report information on individual responses. Instead, we use information from all jurors to identify those issues to be addressed over the coming year by the court management team. Survey results are published annually on our website as part of the Juror Services Performance Report.
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