Bitcoin Exchange and Debit Cards

EDIT:  I turned off the request for a BTC tip because I used up my 1 BTC allotment, if you want you can still contribute to my survey but no hard feelings if you were in it for the money.


1. What type of fee would you rather pay when buying and selling bitcoin?
2. How likely are you use a service that delivers your coins 3-4 days after purchase if the fee was extremely favorable (ie, $10 no matter how many coins).
3. I would keep all of my fiat in bitcoins if I could:
4. What keeps you from buying more btc?
5. Being able to fund my personal debit card with bitcoins in just a few minutes/hours is something I would definitely be interested in.
6. What are the features I am looking for most in a bitcoin debit card?
7. Use my email address to keep me updated about a bitcoin debit card:
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