HB 525 Study for Professional or Occupational Board Licensees

Demographic Information

The Economic Affairs Interim Committee is studying professional and occupational licensing boards as required by House Bill No. 525 enacted in the 2011 session. Part of the review includes determining whether the boards remain necessary for a public purpose. Whether you are licensed by a licensing board or have had dealings with a licensing board but are not licensed, the Committee requests that you fill out this brief survey. Survey results will be presented at Committee meetings from August 2011 through August 2012 and will be taken under consideration as the Committee reviews boards.
Thank you.
1. Demographic information (optional):

If you provide your name with this survey, the information will be used only by the Economic Affairs Committee staff to contact you with concerns that you might have. Your name will not be provided to the licensing boards.
2. Are you licensed by a State of Montana professional or occupational licensing board?
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