Parent's Brochure Survey

1. Because of this brochure:
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I plan to have conversations with my son or daughter about responsible alcohol use.
I feel more prepared to handle difficult conversations with my son or daughter.
I have a better understanding of what resouces are available to my son or duaghter at SCSU.
I have a better understanding of city ordinances and campus policies.
I have a better understanding of what St. Cloud State University is doing to prevent high-risk alcohol use.
2. Please rate the following aspects of the brochure:
Very EffectiveEffectiveIneffective
General Layout/Overall Design
Image Content & Quality
Image/Text Balance
3. What did you find MOST HELPFUL about the brochure?
4. What did you find LEAST HELPFUL about the brochure?
5. Any Additional Feeback:
We appreciate you taking time to complete this survey. We are excited your son or daughter chose to attend SCSU. We hope to provide you student with the support they need to thrive and be successful during their time here. Go Huskies!
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