Graph Expo Empowered In-Plants Panel Question Submission

Elisha Kasinskas of Rochester Software Associates will be moderating the headliner in-plant session of the NEW in-plant track at Graph Expo on Monday, October 8th from 10:30-Noon. Titled “Empowered In-Plants: Tell All Panel”.

The following panelists were chosen by your votes in May:

- Debbie Gallagher, Senior Operations Analyst, Oregon State Publishing & Distribution
- Jimmy Friend, Director, Printing Services at University of North Texas
- Phil Larson, former Director of AFPress and grafaccent at American Fidelity, now President of Shepherd Consulting OK
- Gene Voelker, Manager Supply Chain Business Services, Parkview Health

BUT we still need your input to create a panel you'll love...

What question would you like to ask our panelists? Let us know below!
1. What would you like to ask our panelists?
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