Church Growth Survey for Members

1. Member background information.
2. Please estimate how many people on average attend sacrament meeting in your congregation.
3. If you were to estimate, how many converts joined the Church in your congregation within the past year?
4. Describe what missionary work looks like in your congregation. Are there full-time missionaries assigned to your unit? If so, how many companionships? How involved are ordinary members in member-missionary work?
5. Discuss member activity in your ward, branch, or group. What percentage of members in your congregation attend church regularly? What is the total number of members in your congregation?
6. What do you believe are the greatest reasons for members no longer attending church in your congregation? Rank the following from 1 = highest to 10 = lowest
poor fellowshipping from members
inadequate prebaptismal preparation
weak testimony of the Church
doctrinal concerns
offended by a member or church leader
long distance to meetinghouse
language barriers
cultural conditions
lack of religious freedom
proselytism efforts from other religions
7. Discuss the ethnic or racial composition of your congregation. Are there particular groups that are most receptive to the Church? How does the your ward, branch, or group meet these needs?
8. Indicate how you would describe yourself as a Latter-day Saint.
9. Describe your activity status
10. Any other church growth developments in your area that you would like to share?
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