Local Weather Reports

1. Where do you get your local weather information? Please choose any options that apply.
2. What reasons drive your decision on where to get local weather information? Please choose any options that apply.
3. One local station provides a "Forecast First." This is a segment that starts each newscast with a brief forecast. What is your opinion on this idea?
4. When severe weather happens, what are your thoughts on local stations' coverage?
Always Prefer This CoverageSometimes Prefer This CoverageDon't Care Either WayNever Want This Coverage
Live reports from the field showing conditions.
More than one meteorologist working in the weather center.
Cutting in to programming for updates.
Lots of updates on social media.
Lots of updates on website.
Using Storm Spotters to track storms.
5. What do you like to see in your local weather reports?
Always Prefer This InformationSometimes Want This InformationDon't Care Either WayNever Want This Information
Your specific community listed in a county by county forecast.
24 Hour Forecast
Three Day Forecast
Seven Day Forecast
Detailed Explanation Of What is Happening in Weather
Focused Look at Local Weather Patterns
Overall Look at National Weather Patterns
Recap of Past 24 Hour Weather Pattern
Pictures and Videos From Local Viewers
6. What is your gender?
7. Which category below includes your age?
8. In what ZIP code is your home located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 00544 or 94305)
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