Smart Growth

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Have you acted as a private money lender for real estate before?
If you are experienced, how many real estate-backed loans have you made?
1 - 22 - 56 - 1010+
What source of funds would you use to lend on real estate?
Do you have a self-directed retirement account (e.g. IRA, 401k, etc.) setup?
What amount of capital do you have to invest in real estate?
What timeframe are you comfortable lending money?
1 - 3 Months4 - 6 Months7 - 9 Months10 - 12 Months1 Year or More
What rate of return are you currently realizing on your investments?
1 - 2%3 - 4%5 - 6%7 - 8%+ 9%
Are you interested in purchasing rental properties with equity and cash-flow?
What other criteria do you look for in an investment beyond financial gain?
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