Infant and Toddler Mental Health Training

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We are offering three separate trainings. You may choose to attend any number of these. Please select the trainings below that you wish to attend. If you have already attended Part 1, please do not attend Part 1 again. It is not necessary to attend Part 1 to attend the others. Parts 1 and 2 are designed for EEC staff and grantees. The five hour course is designed for early childhood educators.
6. An Overview of Infant and Toddler Mental Health, Part 2
This session will focus on the signs of less than optimal mental health development in infants and toddlers and key factors that may contribute to the onset of early childhood social-emotional disturbance.
Prior attendance to Overview of Infant and Toddler Mental Health Part 1 is not required, but is recommended.
7. Infant and Toddler Mental Health for Early Childhood Educators- you do NOT need to attend Part 1 or Part 2 to attend this FIVE HOUR training. CEUs will be offered
This intensive session will provide an overview of the development of optimal mental health; factors that contribute to the development of social emotional disturbance; the importance of working closely with parents and families; and strategies for educators to support social-emotional competence.
8. Infant and Toddler Mental Health for Educators- Intensive Saturday Sessions
Attendance to Part 1 and Part 2 are NOT required to attend this training.
CEUs will be offered
If you have any questions or need any special accomodations please contact Jaki Fishkin at
You should receive a confirmation email within 1 week.
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