Summer Hookup Survey


1. How old are you?
2. In the summer time, do you: (Check all that apply.)
3. If you tend to hook up more in summer, why? (Check all that apply.)
4. Have you ever told yourself that hooking up “doesn’t count” on vacation?
5. Do you party (drink, use drugs, etc.) more in the summer?
6. Be completely honest: Are you more likely to hook up (or go further sexually) when you’re: (Check all that apply.)
7. Have you ever had a summer hookup: (Check all that apply.)
8. Have you ever had a casual, no-strings-attached hookup during the summer?
9. If you answered yes to having sexual intercourse in the question above, how prepared were you for it to happen? (Check all that apply.)
10. If you’ve had a casual summer hookup before (in other words: a hookup with someone you weren’t officially dating), what were your expectations going in?
11. When did you first reach these hookup milestones:
During the school yearDuring the summerI’ve never done this
Making out
Having oral sex
Getting naked with a guy or girl
Having sexual intercourse
12. Have you ever had a summer hookup you regret?
13. If you answered yes to the question above, please tell us why you regretted your hookup and what you learned from it. (We want to use your experiences to help other girls!)
14. Can we contact you for our story? If so, please type your first name and email address in the box below. (It’s confidential and we won’t share anything without your permission.)
15. To the best of your knowledge, are the following statements true or false?
True or False?
You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in a pool.
Hot tubs are hot enough to kill sperm and STDs.
Chlorine kills STDs.
Condoms work under water.
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