Audeo Student LCAP 2014

To continue to engage our students in the decision making process and educational program creation/improvement please complete the following survey.
Thank you for your time!
1. What Learning Center do you currently attend?
2. What grade are you in?
3. What is your gender?
4. How long have you been enrolled at Audeo?
5. What brought you to Audeo?
Please Check all that apply.
6. In what type of school were you previously enrolled?
7. I receive communication from the school to keep me informed of its activities.
Select all that apply.
8. Rate your overall progress since you have attended Audeo.
A - Greatly improvedB - Moderate improvementC - Slight improvementD - No improvementF - Student has fallen behind
Please rate accordingly.
9. My parent and I are involved in my education through the following programs:
Select all that apply.
10. Do you feel that you are safe when in the classroom?
A - AlwaysB - OftenC - SometimesD - RarelyF - Never
Please rate accordingly.
11. Do you feel safer at Audeo than at your previous school?
A - AlwaysB - OftenC - SometimesD - RarelyF - Never
Please rate accordingly.
12. Rate your credentialed teacher's availability to discuss your academic progress.
A - Teacher is always availableB - Teacher is regularly availableC - Teacher is sometimes availableD - Teacher is rarely availableF - Teacher is never available
Please rate accordingly.
13. Does your teacher meet your academic needs?
14. Do you feel that you are engaged in your Pathway progressing toward becoming career and college ready?
15. Do you feel Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards prepare you for college and career readiness?
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