UCSC On-line Budget Forum Feedback

On-line Forum Survey

Thank you for your participation in the online budget forum. This evaluation form is for you to provide us with your own assessment of the online budget forum.

We value your opinion and feedback. All evaluation responses will be kept confidential.
1. Are you a(n):
2. I found this method for getting information about the budget to be convenient.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
3. What are two ways that would have improved your experience with the online budget forum?
4. How easy or difficult was it to connect to the online forum?
5. I found the information presented to be useful.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
6. Please provide any additional comments and/or suggestions.
Thanks for taking time to provide your feedback. Your input will help improve the next online forum.
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