Out-of-State Institution Query


Thank you for your interest in Massachusetts degree granting authority specific to out-of-state institutions enrolling Massachusetts residents in online/hybrid  programs and courses.

The general policy of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education (MBHE) is to require an institution to be licensed if an education institution chartered, incorporated, or organized in another state, conducts within the Commonwealth any courses or degrees available to residents of the Commonwealth or otherwise does business as a college or university within the Commonwealth.  Please note any institution conducting admissions, enrollment, student services, financial aid, classes and other organized activities in Massachusetts, regardless of its intent to enroll Massachusetts residents or method of course delivery, is subject to approval. Religious colleges and universities are not exempt from approval.

By answering the following questions you will be provided with information about whether or not your institution of higher education requires approval and how to apply for approval.

If you are a student seeking information about on line programs please contact the Department of Higher Education directly.

1. Please enter the following:
2. Purely (100%) distance education programs and courses delivered wholly on line by out-of-state institutions (without the incorporation of on-the-ground activities taking place in Massachusetts such as clinical placement, practicum, student teaching experiences, etc.) are not subject to MBHE approval.

Does your institution offer or intend to offer only 100% online distance programs and courses as described above to Massachusetts residents?