335-001 SERIES Junior POST-Individual Survey (8/13) POST

1. *POST* Data entry

Data entry instructions - Please assign a unique number to each completed survey record before beginning. This will assist us if we need to track a particular answer to the original survey.

In addition, you may notice that your region's version of the survey may not ask an item. If your region's participants have not been asked about an item or if it is blank, just leave the response blank.

Please verify that this is NOT a "Pre" survey.

Thank you!
Survey ID#
Middle Initial, Favorite animal? (compares pre/post)
Meeting place (drop down menu)
Topic? (drop down menu-ask staff if you don't know)
Type of Series?
Date (Please use numbers. November 12, 2008 = 11/12/2008)

(This is the date that the participant responded to the survey.)
Today's date @post
Pre? or Post? (All should be POST.)
County (Data entry: Please enter the county where the meeting place is located.)
United Way?
(Please use drop-down menu.)

Ask staff if you don't know.
Special funder or grant?
If yes, please describe. (See list below.)

Ask staff if you don't know.
Special Funder or Grant Name?
How often do you …?
1 Never2 Hardly ever3 Sometimes4 A lot of the time5 Always? Not sure or don't want to say
post-I eat healthy foods like fruits & vegetables.
post-I like to try new things, even if they might not do too well at first.
post-When I have to make a decision, I listen to other people's ideas before I make up my mind.
post-I work well with others as a team.
post-I set goals for themselves to achieve.
post-I ask an adult for help when I need it.
post-When I see someone being picked on, I try to help.
post-I speak up for what is right, even if it is not popular.
post-I tell people what I think needs to be done to make my community a better place.
post-When I read or hear about other people's problems, I think of ways I can help.
post-I am good at getting others to work with me.
post-I think that learning new things is fun. [Toledo required]
How much do you AGREE...
1 Disagree a lot2 Disagree a little3 Agree a little4 Agree a lot? Not sure or don't want to say
post-When other people want me to do something I think is wrong, I don't do it.
post-I try to talk problems out calmly instead of yelling.
post-I like who I am, even when other people make fun of me or tease me.
How much LIKE YOU is...?
1 Not at all like me2 Not much like me3 A little like me4 A lot like me? Not sure or don't want to say
post-I like being a girl.
post-If I get into an argument with friends, I am able to think of more than one way to make things better.
post-I look for ways to meet kids who are from cultures different than mine.
"I can't wait to __________________."
Have you felt welcomed by your Girl Scout leaders?
What is the name of the adult who participates with you?
Can you do this type of activity anywhere else? [skip item if different wording]
In this GS experience, I was able to do things I could not do in other places.
Answer only if Topic is Financial Literacy (if other skip to next question)

Would you want to sell Girl Scout Cookies at school again next year?
Would you participate in an activity like this again?
Would you recommend an activity like this to your friends?
When you think about your time as a Girl Scout, what makes you feel best?
When you think about your time as a Girl Scout, what would make it better?
[Cincinnati required. If other regions provide answers, please enter data.]
In each week, how many weekdays (Mon-Fri) are you involved in activities such as GS, sports, clubs, other organizations or lessons in "after-school hours," before 6 pm?
Please use this space for anything else you want to share.
Other comments...
Originator of Data entry work order (Name of Staff member)
Work Order# ("335-_ _ _ - r _ _")
Thank you.
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